We follow hungover Lilith, a musician and escort, on a day when her two worlds collide.



Lilith is our heroine. She has the task of creating a song in one day to submit for a commercial that could potentially be a big break in her musical career. It just so happens that that “one day” is a very busy day at her money job. And it just so happens that that “money job” is as a sex worker named "Eve". She suffers domineering men with hypocritical values and she plays the game well. She has a client, Adam, that takes away her power in an instant with his “kind gesture”. We see Lilith grapple with that subtle misogyny then ultimately, in a later situation, get her power back.


Throughout this is woven the story of the mythical Lilith, the true first woman, before Eve. She is made, like Adam, from the earth. She left Adam because she wouldn’t be subservient to him, that is, to lay beneath him. They were created equal and she wanted to be treated as an equal but he did not agree. Thus she left the garden, got labelled as a demon and unwritten from history (or “his” story).


The name Lilith means “of the night,” and she embodies the emotional and spiritual aspects of darkness: terror, sensuality, and unbridled freedom. Thus, she has come to represent the freedom of women who no longer want to be “good girls”. Using this myth as our lens reminds us that this tale of anti-feminism is as old as time. That women have been fighting these same battles for millenia; fighting for equality.

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"This film is my ode to the female and all that they endure. My hope is that after watching this film, people will be left wondering about the relationships in their lives and whether there is a subtle manipulation or lack of respect present. I hope that people can laugh at the ridiculous masks we put on to appear attractive. I also want to destigmatise sex work and portray a powerful woman moving through a world that’s settings are defaulted to a male perspective."



Why Destigmatise Sex Work?

We may pretend that it doesn't exist, but sex work is one of the oldest trades in human history. It is everywhere and there are more people than you might imagine who are happily buying and selling*. For sex workers, the stigma attached to their job makes their life dangerous. If found out, they can be evicted, denied access to healthcare, they could lose their other jobs, be subject to hate crimes and feel unsafe reporting abuse or rape. For this reason, destigmatising sex work is a moral and human rights obligation. We attempt to address it, in this film, with humour and with heart. Lilith could be your sister, your barista or your musician friend. She is a normal girl; more than that, she is powerful and courageous, and she deserves every ounce of your respect.

*We are fully aware that many people have been victim to human trafficking. That is not the conversation we are having here. We, here, are talking about two consensual adults making an exchange that benefits them both. But by keeping sex work illegal and not talking about it, we are pushing it into that dangerous place where people are not vetted, the workers have no real rights and companies can make decisions without consequences.